Let the city be your playground

Discover Amsterdam by playing a real life game!


The red hexagons are challenges. They start with a introduction video about a disaster that you need to prevent from happening and how you can do this. In total there are seven challenges and you can expect differing kind of missions, from solving a mystery murder to defusing a bomb.


You can choose between 3 routes that will entertain you for approxiamately 1,5 hours (4 challenges), 2,5 hours (5 challenges) or 4 hours (7 challenges). You don’t need to rush because you rent a tablet for the whole day, so take a break whenever you want!

Hero ranking

The aim of the game is to become a hero by preventing disasters from happening. By completing challenges, find-it photo assignments and trivia questions you can earn points and rise to the top of the hero ranking. Due to this pointsystem you can battle against other teams and become a winner!

Mini challenges

The smaller black signs are mini challenges. These are located on the route in between main challenges. These consist of trivia questions about the city and find-it photoassignments. Thanks to these mini challenges you will be able to play non stop!

What to expect?

After picking up the iPad(s), your adventure will start with a tutorial that will explain all the game features. We have listed the most important ones in the game map on the left.

Hover your mouse over each ‘+’ and see what to expect.

Become a hero!

All challenges start with an introduction video that explains what you need to do. Here you can find 3 of the 7 challenge introduction videos.

Lost in 360 0:53

By the help of 360 degrees video’s you need to locate a lost tourist.

Mystery murder 1:01

Collect clues of people that witnessed a murder and find out who did it.

Bomb threat 1:02

Disarm a bomb by locating signs that contain hints about coloured wires.

Enjoy up to 4 hours of quality time with friends or family

Experience a game that combines the real- and virtual world

Be part of an outdoor adventure and explore the city in a unique way

Become a winner by outsmarting other teams

Start your adventure!

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The 360 amsterdam ticket office is located on the first floor just above a coffeeshop.