Let the city be your playground

Discover the must see locations of Amsterdam while playing a real life game. Sightseeing has never been so much fun!


The red hexagons are challenges. Within these challenges you make use of techniques like interactive gps tracking, object recognition and AR to fully combine the real- and virtual world. Every challenge starts with a briefing video to explain your mission. The general theme of the game is ‘become the heroes of Amsterdam’, so expect challenges like; solving a mystery murder, defusing a bomb and reuniting a lost romance.


With the black hexagons in the lower left corner of the screen you can choose between 3 routes that will entertain you for approximately 2 hours (4 challenges), 3 hours (5 challenges) or 4,5 hours (7 challenges). There is no need to rush because you rent the iPad(s) for the whole day, so take a break whenever you want!

Hero ranking

By completing the challenges your team can earn points. In this way you can battle against other teams. The more points you earn the higher you will end up in the CCA ranking. If you are able to conquer the first place in the ranking your team is rewarded with a fun price.

Mini challenges

The smaller black signs are mini challenges. These are located in between main challenges. These consist of trivia questions and find-it photo assignments. Thanks to these mini challenges you will be able to play non stop and earn extra points!

What to expect?

The City Challenge Amsterdam (CCA) is an iPad guided city game with themed challenges spread across must see locations of the city. At the beginning of the game you can choose between a 2, 3 or 4 hours route (4, 5 or 7 challenges). By playing these challenges your team can earn points and try to conquer the first place in the CCA ranking.

Click on the ‘+’ symbols in the game map for more information.

Become a hero!

All challenges start with an introduction video that explains what you need to do. Here you can find 3 of the 7 challenge introduction videos.

Lost in 360 0:53

By the help of 360 degrees video’s you need to locate a lost tourist.

Mystery murder 1:01

Collect clues of people that witnessed a murder and find out who did it.

Bomb threat 1:02

Disarm a bomb by locating signs that contain hints about coloured wires.

Enjoy up to 4 hours of quality time with friends or family

Experience a game that combines the real- and virtual world

Be part of an outdoor adventure and explore the city in a unique way

Become a winner by outsmarting other teams

Start your adventure!

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Company details

City Challenge
Croeselaan 301G
3521BT Utrecht

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Pick up location tablets

360 Amsterdam
Dam 8
1012NP Amsterdam

The 360 amsterdam ticket office is located on the first floor just above a coffeeshop.