Let the city be your playground

Explore Amsterdam in a whole new way and play challenges on must see locations. An iPad guided interactive city game that combines the real world with the virtual world.


The red hexagons are challenges. In total there are 7 main challenges at the hotspots of the city. Challenges start with an introduction video to explain your mission, check out the challenge videos on the next (challenges) page.


With the red hexagons in the lower left corner of the screen you can choose between 3 routes that will entertain you for approximately 2 hours (4 challenges), 3 hours (5 challenges) or 4 hours (7 challenges). During the game you can still change the route so you can play longer.

Hero ranking

In the upper right corner you can find your points. The more points you earn, the higher you will end up in the CCA ranking. If you are able to conquer the first place in the ranking your team is rewarded with a fun price.

Mini challenges

The smaller black signs are mini challenges. These are located in between main challenges and consist of trivia questions and find-it photo assignments. Thanks to these mini challenges you will be able to play non stop and earn extra points!

What To Expect?

After booking online you can pick up the iPad(s) 300m from the start of the game. First you wil see a tutorial that explains all the game features. After this, you can choose between a route of 2, 3 or 4 hours. These routes consist of 4, 5 or 7 challenges that make use of technologies like GPS, AR and VR. In between challenges you can play trivia questions and find-it photo assignments. Take a break whenever you want because the iPad(s) are available to you the whole day. The game is played in teams of 2-4 people and teams can battle against each other through the CCA ranking.


The aim of the game is to become a hero by solving problems that threaten Amsterdam. All 7 challenges start with an introduction video and below you can find 3 a few examples.

Lost in 360 0:53

By the help of 360 degrees video’s you need to locate a lost tourist.

Mystery murder 1:01

Collect clues of people that witnessed a murder and find out who did it.

Bomb threat 1:02

Disarm a bomb by locating signs that contain hints about coloured wires.

Play for as long as you want and enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest

Experience a game that combines the real- and virtual world

Discover the most beautiful outdoor sights of the city

Battle against your friends or family and become a winner



Rebecca M

If you want an original way to see Amsterdam this is definitely the way to go! City challenge was a fun way to see the city. You can take shopping or eatbreaks in between which is really cool.

Shane S

A great way to spend time in the city! Fun games that mix reality and the virtual world. Would definitely recommend and hope to see more games and questions added in the future to be able to play again.

Mena M

DateNight!!! My awesome boyfriend took it upon himself to make sure we had a very exciting date night! Running around trough the streets of Amsterdam like we were crazy! Great challenge, we'll be back to better our score!!!!

Oscar W

Wow, just wow. We did not expect this degree of entertainment whilst still visiting all hotspots of Amsterdam. Simply amazing how fun and interactive quizzes and games throughout the city can be the best tour guide we have ever experienced. Would recommend to anyone who wants to visit Amsterdam in a modern way.

Nick B

Extreme sightseeing! Amazing way to discover Amsterdam while having fun. I would recommend this experience to anyone! Thanks to the organisation and the Jagermeister.

Tamara D

It's a fun way to see the city from a tourist, yet very unexpected, angle. For example, if you have friends visiting from abroad. And, for the Dutchies who already know Amsterdam quite good, the game was a lot of fun and cleverly developed!


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